1. The General Meeting is the highest body of the Platform. The General meeting consists of proper members, represented either by their statutory bodies or persons with power of attorney.
  2. The General Meeting:
    1. Decides on alterations to the Constitution; two thirds of the votes of all the Platform’s regular members are necessary to adopt such a decision,
    2. Elects and removes members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, decides on the remuneration of members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors,
    3. Approves the Annual Report on the activity of the Executive Committee, the annual budget, and the financial statement of the Platform,
    4. Decides on the admission of new regular members and their expulsion, if need be (by an absolute majority of votes present),
    5. Decides on other questions, which have been included onto the agenda on the basis of a proposal from the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, or members representing at least one third of all members.
    6. Decides on the amount and method of payment of membership dues.
    7. Decides on the Platform’s joining other organizations and on property interests in them.
    8. Decides on further questions, which it has reserved for itself or about which it decides pursuant to the present Constitution.
  3. The General meeting takes place once a year.