In 2008, the Commission proposed to launch six European Industrial Initiatives (EIIs): Wind, Solar (both concentrated solar and photovoltaic), Carbon capture and storage, Electricity grids, Bio-energy and Nuclear fission. The launch of the first four EIIs took place at the Madrid SET-Plan conference in June 2010. These EIIs supplement two earlier initiatives, which have already been implemented: Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology.

Wind (The European Wind Initiative)

Solar (The Solar Europe Initiative – photovoltaic and concentrated solar power)

Electricity Grids (The European Electricity Grid Initiative)

Carbon Capture & Storage (The European CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage Initiative)

Nuclear Fission (The Sustainable Nuclear Initiative)

Bio-energy (The European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative)

Smart Cities (Energy Efficiency – The Smart Cities Initiative)


Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (Joint Technology Initiative)

Nuclear Fusion

ITER (International)

F4E (community)