The Information System for the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)
SETIS is an integrated reporting and effective monitoring tool to support the Energy Union’s governance.
The Integrated SET Plan needs to be underpinned by an effective monitoring and reporting scheme that supports the development and implementation of the European R&I Agenda. SETIS plays a central role in the successful implementation of the Integrated SET Plan 10 key actions. In particular, the enhanced SETIS follows the objectives below:

  • To monitor R&I activities, investments and technology progress in Europe;
  • To contribute to the identification of gaps in the implementation of the actions;
  • To report on the overall progress towards the common goals set out in the integrated SET-Plan;
  • To contribute to assessing the impact of the SET-Plan on European competitiveness;
  • To make recommendations for actions that could further increase the effectiveness of the European R&I Strategy.