Welcome to webpages of the Technology Platform “Sustainable Energy for the Czech Republic”.

The Technology Platform “Sustainable Energy for the Czech Republic” (TPUE) is an institutional tool for the support of activities in connection with research, development and implementation of technologies usable for sustainable expansion of generation, transmission and consumption of modern forms of energy in the Czech Republic.

  • TPUE surveys and analyses technology trends and how they influence the energy sector.
  • TPUE proposes and supports activities aimed at increasing the efficiency of research and development.
    • Evaluation of applicability of results obtained from fundamental research for subsequent applications
    • Identification of priority topics for applied research and development of energy technology
    • Supporting innovations in the energy sector to increase the competitiveness and potential of industry in the CR
  • Increased collaboration between industry and research organisations and between industry and technical universities
  • TPUE helps with getting involved in international research and development in the energy sector
    • The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)
    • European Technology and Innovation Platforms, European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
    • Horizon 2020, European Union programme to support research, development and innovations
    • International organizations
  • TPUE provides information on the development of energy technology and systems to involved public stakeholders